13 Holiday Pet Hazards To Look Out For This Joyful, Festive Season

It’s that time of the year, folks. The major department stores are decking their halls even though it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. The holiday cheer is in the air with the help of festive decorations, yummy snacks, and, of course, the extra-special need to spread joy and happiness to others.

However, those decorations and snacks can also be dangerous to very important family members: your pets. These 13 common holiday items that you’re sure to have around your home this season can be potentially lethal to your fur baby, so educate yourself!

1. Tinsel

This fun decoration is super attractive to pets, especially cats. It reflects light, crinkles, and dangles from high places — it’s basically begging to be played with. While it’s not toxic, if your cat or dog ingests it, it could get tangled in their intestines. Take your baby to the vet immediately if you suspect they’ve eaten any.

2. Chocolate

We’ve heard it time and time again, but a reminder that the ingredients in chocolate are extremely dangerous and possibly lethal to our pets never hurts. Keep those holiday treats away from Fido!

3. Glass ornaments

It’s crucial that you hang glass ornaments higher up on the tree. If your pet knocks one down and it shatters, it can cause serious injury, especially to their mouth or throat if they try to chew on it. It should be noted, too, that aluminum, foil, and paper ornaments pose similar threats.

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4. Holiday lights

Everyone likes to put up some sort of lighting for the holidays. Whether it’s the twinkly lights on your tree or the electronic candles in the windows, there are extra wires all over the house. While you may have secured your permanent electronic wires, your pet might try to chew the new installations. Keep an eye out for fraying, and use an extension cord where possible.

5. Candles

The holidays are a big time for candles, from all those fall scents at Thanksgiving to the sugar cookie and pine tree goodness December brings. Make sure you keep them where your pet can’t reach them, though, so they don’t burn themselves or knock ’em over, starting a fire. You can also keep them in enclosed candle holders.

6. Poinsettia

This seasonal plant can cause irritation in your pet’s mouth and stomach, and sometimes even vomiting.

7. Ribbon

While supervised play is alright, you don’t want your pet to wrestle with the leftover holiday ribbons and bows without you watching. Much like tinsel, the fabric is very dangerous if ingested and could require emergency surgery.

8. Fat trimmings

Whether raw or cooked, fat trimmings can cause pancreatitis in pups.

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9. Bones

While it might seem like a normal thing to give the bone from your delicious turkey leg to your pooch, don’t do it! Your fur baby could choke, and the bone can splinter and injure her.

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10. Nuts

Almonds, macadamia nuts, and walnuts can be extremely harmful to your dog. While it’s so tempting to share your holiday treats and cookies with your pup, make sure the ingredients aren’t potentially lethal first!

11. Pine needles

Pine needles can make your pet feel very sick, causing symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy.

12. Holly

Holly berries are an iconic Christmas table topper, but they can also cause similar symptoms as pine needles if they’re ingested.

13. Mistletoe

This romantic holiday tradition can cause vomiting, difficulty breathing, hallucinations, and possibly death.

(via Pet Insurance)

The holidays should be a festive time…don’t let them be ruined by an unhappy fur baby! Celebrate a happy, healthy family — and that certainly includes your pets!

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