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Auto Insurance In Frisco Tx 5 Tips For Driving In Heavy Fog

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Hazardous weather can make driving difficult even when your car is in tip-top shape and even if youre an excellent driver. Accidents even the ones caused by weather and bad road conditions can have a negative impact on your auto insurance in Frisco TX. Thats why its so important to know how to drive in weather conditions that arent optimal. Although rain, snow, ice and the wet roads they create are the biggest culprits when it comes to weather-related accidents, heavy fog is one of the most hazardous driving conditions for North Texas drivers. Since fog is made of condensed water droplets, it creates not only limited visibility but wet driving conditions as well.

Safety experts and experts in auto insurance in Frisco TX can tell you that staying off the roads when a heavy fog is predicted is the best way to keep from having a problem; but when thats not possible or a fog rolls in without warning, you should know how to handle your vehicle when your visibility is extremely limited.

1. Turn off the high beams. Even though your driving instincts tell you to turn on your cars high beams to see the road better like you would on a dark night its not something you should do in the fog. High beams create a shadow on the fog, making it harder, not easier, to see where youre going.

2. Turn on low beams and hazard lights. Youll still need headlights; just be sure theyre low beams. Turning on hazard lights or flashers also makes you more visible to other vehicles.

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3. Keep defroster and wipes going. Fog can cause condensation on your windshield and the moisture from it can cause your windows to fog up as well.

4. Slow down. When the fog rolls in, slow down immediately. Try not to slam on the brakes as this could cause the car behind you to rear-end you if theyre not prepared. Leave plenty of room between you and other cars and dont change lanes unless you have to.

5. Lower your drivers side window. What you cant see, you may be able to hear. Listen for the sound of other vehicles, especially those revving up behind you. If youre in the right-hand lane and you hear a car approaching, you may be able to move onto the shoulder of the road to avoid a collision.

Anti-collision technology in cars and trucks is advancing quickly. Some vehicles are already equipped with radar that alerts the driver if another vehicle is too close. Some cars even have the ability to apply the brakes themselves in hazardous situations. Until the day comes that collisions are a thing of the past, it pays to be a vigilant, knowledgeable driver. Youll lower your risk of injuries and accidents and keep rates for your auto insurance in Frisco TX low. To find the best auto insurance rates, call the Anthony Blackmon Agency in Frisco at 469-291-9006 for a quote. And visit Anthony Blackmon Agency to learn more about our auto insurance products.

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