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How to Cold Call as an Introvert -Changing your mindset- The Insurance Guy

Welcome to the insurance guy podcast from sales to Insurance advice we discuss ways to protect your business and grow it make sure [to] like and share this podcast and don't forget to check us out at theinsurers.Ca for all your business insurance [me] and Here's your host Mr.. Aun Welcome to leap TV with Cherene Francis. I'm your host where we're inspiring entrepreneurs to take [a] leap in business Today, we're with on Japanwala who is an insurance broker for small to medium sized businesses. [Today], we're going to be talking about how he was an introvert and moved a little bit into its extraversion to increase his sales [I] welcome to the show.

Thank you cheering for having me on your show [I] said I'm a first of all really excited to be Sharing the stage where I know that your line of guests have been Extraordinary people so I'm just excited to be here well, it's a pleasure having you and we only love to feature Extraordinary people so you're one of that thank you. Yeah, it's pretty much like That's the same thing my mom would say yeah, beautiful so You we were talking backstage a little bit about your journey into business And how you got started can you tell us a little bit about that. Yeah absolutely So I am an insurance broker by trade I originally [started] off I graduated school And I was trying to figure out trying to find my line of work In 99 percent of [people] in the insurance industry [if] you ask them will respond by saying they just fell into it They just applied for all jobs. Got rejected and they ended up in the insurance industry that's how my story, began I started off working in an inbound call Center Where I would essentially just wait for calls to come in and sell the policy and things of that nature but at some point I decided to take the leap and become responsible for my own business essentially Becoming my own outbound sales agent and build my local business the book of business, or should I say book those relationships? So what made you decide to go from? Being that outbound called Salesperson to having your own business.

What was going on in your life well great question I. Originally started off in You sort of it's hard to sort of pinpoint exactly what it is. It's sort of like you feel that You it's almost every day you're going into work. It's sort of like it's sort of like leap repetitive You know not to shoot down the job or anything or my past jobs? I enjoyed them quite much, but I thought that there was more to it in There was some sort of each I needed to scratch So I decided that you know what for me to be able to pursue the passion of me being able to communicate with [people] [I] decided to go on the offensive side [and] start make took the position as an outbound commercial agent so [once] [a] commercial broker sort so when so when you made that decision to do your business was there any Challenges or fears or did you [just] knew that this was right for you? And you jumped right in how did you know it was time? Oh wow? Nothing.

I'm a natural introvert And I'm the type of guy if there was a party I. Would enter and leave without you even noticing that I was here a God like I usually stay to myself I And you know obviously? Extroverts are people who are very energetic and very social like they're the type of guys who or girls who can go to work go? To a table full strangers and introduce themselves individually and stuff, and I'm not a that type of person I'll go I'll only go to a party if I have if I know somebody who's going there [yes], otherwise It's not even an event. I would I'd Monica step in step into so It wasn't just like I made I woke up one morning and said great I'm going to start being somebody who I am not so it was baby steps originally when I? Decided to take the position as an outbound Outbound broker where I was responsible building my own? It was Immense amount of fear, that's within me And I started by doing [bey] steps by first I did was after I took the position and panicking well I signed the contract doubting myself every moment saying am I doing the right thing yeah Or is this [the] biggest mistake? I'm not going to have that regular paycheck coming in every two weeks am I doing it? But hey, I [took] the leap right as you could say and I jumped in after jumping in I. Started to I started by just approaching warmly and won't leave the people that you've sort of have a relationship Relationship with to start off, but usually that's your friends your family members And you start letting people know your services and what you're doing these days And getting the word out there, okay? That's how it usually started off step by Step and you sort of start [building] confidence Right, but then what do you do when you're warm leads start to run out right now yet cuz again you were an introvert so [well] Going out into you know we've talking [to] strangers all that.

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[Well] yeah First of all I stumbled like I was back [in] High school Yeah, it was I didn't know what to say how to build relations It's it's believe it or not building relations is a skill on its own it's not that you can just enter a place and have a quick two seconds of conversation with somebody and Build a relationship with them right off the bat you have to spend time get to know them and one of the benefits I had Of being an introvert is that I like to observe and that made me a good listener and when I sat down with people introduced myself even though I wasn't approaching the whole table of people like maybe pick up one or two people who Had a smile on their face the minute I walked in and I sort of built that relationship With them right off the bat they get indirect like you know they give you [a] warm wide fat warm vibes and you approach them introduce myself started talking and I. Just realized that I made a relationship a warm relationship out of a cold one and it starts out that way yeah So then in that moment, you're like hey, it's not as bad as I thought it would be [right] exactly yes It started off in that concept now Many sales professionals yeah, or many businesses are starting out they their biggest fear is cold calling you there are many people who want to get out there and will if You go on YouTube you go on Facebook. There are so many people in advertisements coming out Saying hey read this ebook and you will never have to cold call again I'm sorry, but most of the best relationships. I've made for my clients were generated through cold Haul who didn't know I just tried I called maybe 50 60 people a day and Believe it or not the first 10 call first call.

I was making I was panicking. [I] was I was sweating breaks [I] Didn't want to I was trying to find reasons [not] to not to dial the number because I was afraid that the other person was Going to curse me off is it a guy like me They're going to tell me to you know get lost and swear at me Whatever the case is and make me feel inferior and insecure, and I'll probably quit the job But believe it or not [people] are not like that And that was a wrong mistake on my part [to] believe something like that believe [that] fear that the cold calling is is a horrible thing yeah and If people do hang up, if people do hang up on you if they're polite way of saying, they're busy And they'll talk to you again later. Don't take your person don't take it personally yeah, and They were if I may give five tips that I apply too much yeah, I'm just going [to] ask you how can you help us with things like that because introversion the fear of Speaking to people that you've never you know just too high you don't even door knocking. That's a common thing especially For people that are considering going into business well who is going to buy for [Emilio]? How am I going to build this and it's awesome that you were able to overcome That and just leap in so what were what would you say are [the] best ways to develop that skill set? Before I give you those tips yeah join a quick story in here shit But how you built my conviction from 98 percent to a hundred [ok] about six weeks ago? Yeah? I wanted to [I] came up with the idea one day sitting out that.

I'm gonna start a TV show But before [I] start the TV show I don't know what to do where to go and this TV show I started on Facebook life The TV show or the plan was to start a Facebook live in interview local businesses entrepreneurs Sales professionals in the industry, and then one day I was hoping that somebody will watch that Facebook live feed yeah And give me a TV show out of it Yes, I would reached out to a couple of my [friends] and I told them about the ideas and they said this is a dumb idea nobody's going to watch the show or anything of the sort [and] out of the 98 percent [of] conviction I had I let that 2% which required validation take over the other 98 And I scrapped the idea in my hat I had I tossed it out wow three days later I met you and I had to okay [hahahahaha] and and you came out with this idea, and you told me that it took you about three days [yeah], that's correct from [ApSu] excitation Yeah, right It came through with it and I just told myself and after [I] met you that conviction run from 90 to [100%] saying if I have an idea I should stick with it because if I stuck with it this might have been the shuri [in] France is a non Japan [warship] Yeah, okay, so so that's part about it Is that you know I just want to told a story [is] that many people have ideas, but they'll seek validation And they'll shoot and you know not everybody's going to work is going to agree with you because a lot of your friends and family [they] care about you. They don't want to see you fail right that's their intention. They don't care about the part that you succeed They don't want you to fail because that's their worry is you hurting yourself or falling off? And you know ending up in a position. Which is very uncomfortable that's their fear, and that's why they'll Try to keep you away from that, but anyways [that's] amazing, and I love the the flip [side] of things because again if you You know when even the very idea of going out [on] your own to start your own business [right] there is that see a lot [of] I remember even for myself [like] well? Why would you do that? You know why [just] get a regular job doing your job you have free memory, right? And so really good points there, [and] I was actually actually integrating using me on Your TV.

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That's pretty cool like TV. [Show] you a kid. We watch that on your Facebook, right? I'll go there I will put links to that on [after] [the] show yeah, so so what are those tips about cold calling the tips okay? So in sales, not just in cold calling. Yeah.

It's an acronym. [I] [set] for myself called CC. Heo so the first C stands for credibility build credibility by living up to the little details if you're telling your clients are going to be at a certain place at 10 O clock be there by nine Fifty-nine make sure you're not late. Make sure you're dressed to impress these little things build credibility if you're going to end guide' to build credibility by guiding the clients with the process and also your service to sales That hey I can place the order for you your package is coming in three days two days one day your packages arrive But I still grab a cup of coffee Let's I'll get you go explain the details be credible with your statement right the second C is criticism Do not criticize your competition when you're in an industry and there's competition your automatic way of just jumping into trying to get the sale is by bad-mouthing the Competition the incumbent or the crimes the current person [who's] competing with you for the same for the same sale? What you do is you make yourself look unprofessional by criticizing the other professional? And you disrespect the industry of your currents again, right? Which is a huge search.

It doesn't look good It doesn't feel good either right, and if it'll [be] outside. It's like rules. You know work What do you have against that like people want to know that? They're they like they want to trust you? Regarding if you are talking [you] know bad talking you just it kills the bible really Imagine right instead you should be worried about Delivering a value proposition how does your product or service? Separate you Your competition [right] don't worry about what they're doing. Worry about what you're doing right right the next tip goes to [h] it stands for Health honest health When you're out there making the sale look – honestly supply the product that is a service that's needed by your client Don't try to oversell to make that extra quick box don't try to under self by providing them a lower price and a product that's not going to be there for them [within] it and Make sure it's honest and part of that honesty is walking away When you don't have the product or service for them or guiding them yeah? So maybe a friend or family who does have that product available for them hanging around, right? And what you do by doing that if you keep the door open When you're supplying somebody – are supplying somebody honest help They will respond back to you by either purchasing the product you're offering because [people] can see honesty and they can smell you know yeah dishonesty and spice and if they don't even purchase the product from you that's fine, but they seem the way you're two senior character and They'll send referrals off to you wow so that leaves the door open for that.

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Yeah right [e] And there's two more enl. Yeah, all right. Yeah, [all] right, so this is this is my favorite one, okay? I'm racing area [e] is for Eagle lose it, okay Okay, if you are going into sales or business And you're going in with their ego you will get smashed out of that field faster than you can get in okay, there are times you're going to be rejected on the phone you're going to do all the work and somebody else is going to Take the cake you're going to be [what] you're going to you may lose a client for 50 bucks And so you may lose you may do all the work and the person gave the business to their brother-in-law, right? So you never know what can happen but and you have to? Know because what happened you have to lose the ego because what you do to [yourself] by keeping me going this is letting people know That by keeping an ego that you blame the failures that [you've] had in sales or your business or anything of the sort You're gonna Blame each and everybody Decides the one who really needs to take responsibility in yourself Frank Exactly and the last one in marketing is stands for else. Which is loud be loud in the marketplace You have to spend time in Brand management Media Social Media get your name out Network marketing whatever the case your industry in you have to get your name out there There's a thousand people [in] competing for the same thing How are you going to set yourself apart if brands like Nike and Apple are still [sending] millions of dollars in advertising? And you're just entering the field Well you better and what's the ultimate dish just the noise.

They're making is going to distract the attention to that So what exactly are you going to do to separate yourself from? Generating business, and this is what's powerful about your whole TV [show] that you've created because I don't know an insurance agent that has That has a TV show worth and so I I [don't] know much about insurance myself So I'm going to be curious to hear what you have to say about Business and all of those topics so it's amazing that you again Took another leap into doing something that is out of your comfort zone for hey view like you interpret now. I'm Gonna go on TV. Yeah, believing about just being on this TV show right now. Yeah, there's a thousand voices in my head yeah 999 of them are telling me to run pass out or just screams, okay? But [there's] that one you gotta focus on Line reject the floods [die] But there's that [one] voice that you gotta focus in on yeah, and that's the one that's telling you that listen time is finite.

Yeah 60 when I turn 60 70 and [I] look back at this opportunity that being on television on such a great show [am] I going to regret not taking this opportunity? Absolutely, I would regret it So I rather fight the fear and jump in on the show because it's something I can I can be proud about doing Yes, just bleep all right Yes, perfect was a pleasure having you on our show And I loved hearing what you had to say about the cold calling in the tips on Connecting and building relationships with people you don't know where things are very helpful. Thank you great before I wrap up I [just] wanted to say I really appreciate your time would love it if you could subscribe and share this Podcast and also check us out at Theinsurers.Ca.

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