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auto insurance online – Silence of LoveThai Life Insurance Commercial (English Subtitled)

Silence of LoveThai Life Insurance Commercial (English Subtitled)

I want a better dad. The one who isn't a mute.  (The dumb's child) The one just like everybody else's.  (Your dad's a dumb) The one who can hear my voice.

The one who can speak and know what I want. (Please don't let her die.) (I have some saved up. I have a house. You can take it!) (But you can't let her die!) (Eat more.

You can still get taller.) (Study hard!!) (My girl must live a happy life!) (Happy birthday, I wish you all the happiness, love from daddy.) (I'm born mute.) (I am so sorry.) (I can't speak…. Like anybody else's dad.) (But I just want you to know that you are my everything.) (Just give her my blood!) Maybe.. There's no such thing as the best dad. Only the one who loves you more than anything.

Take care of your loved ones..

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