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She Works So Hard Every Day, So Her Coworkers Did The Kindest Thing To Reward Her

Not many people really enjoy going to work in the morning, but for this Tennesee woman, it was a struggle just to get there every day.

Linda Walton has worked for the cleaning company Pristine Clean and Organizational Services for two months, and she hasn’t missed a day of work. It’s pretty impressive, considering how long it takes her to get there — close to three hours. Walton didn’t have a car, so she’d either have to depend on others for rides or take the bus for two hours, then walk the rest of the way for 40 minutes. Her coworkers had no idea how dedicated she was to the job until one of them drove her home when her ride didn’t show up.

That’s why the company’s employees decided to pitch in and buy her a car.

Grateful doesn’t come close to describing how she felt when they surprised her.

They even covered the first month of insurance and gave her money for gas!

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“If you were to know Miss Linda, you would want to do this for her. She has a huge heart,” her boss, Krissy Marcellini Tammaro said

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