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Shopping for car insurance and remembered Geico's marketing.

Shopping for car insurance and remembered Geico's marketing.

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  1. SneakyBoner Reply

    What’s this new Maury meme?

  2. sweatybeard Reply

    You don’t seem to be yelling.

  3. Lynux Reply

    Win/win situation for them.

  4. EricMatthews Reply


  5. haechi Reply

    You are not the insured owner of this car! /zoidberg dance

  6. Tippleton Reply

    Trashy guests take lie detector tests. He then says, if it was a lie., “You answered __, the test results determined that was a lie.”

  7. yelling Reply

    I am really not enjoying these at all.

  8. iamthisguy247 Reply

    But at least the baby ain’t yours.

  9. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying Reply

    You COULD save 15%, it doesn’t mean you WILL.

  10. SoloOnTheRox Reply

    15 minutes COULD save you 15% or more…

  11. JesyouJesmeJesus Reply

    Maury Povich.

  12. JesyouJesmeJesus Reply

    It really is. Brings in valuable customers while driving away wasteful ones in a way that boosts their image. Smart.

  13. JesyouJesmeJesus Reply

    Progressive’s marketing is to show you other companies’ rates. Why? If you’re cheaper somewhere else, that’s someone else’s liability.

  14. jabbaciv Reply

    I saved something like 75% after switching from GEICO.

  15. UsePNGnotJPEG Reply

    Someone care to explain this new meme to me?

  16. Sprinkleton Reply

    COULD. COULD save you. Advertisers are very careful these days.

  17. thatonechickwiththethingthatonetimeatthatoneplacewiththestuff Reply

    Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike

  18. TheRealMegGriffin Reply

    so… I’m guessing this is a thing now

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