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Stop Paying Too Much For Your Car Insurance

Stop Paying Too Much For Your Car Insurance

Have you ever wondered why there is no song telling how great car insurance renewal time is? The plain truth is most people don’t look forward to it. As a matter of fact, they would like to forget it altogether. Up until now there has been no way to get a really low quote except by pain and suffering.

You basically had two choices. Option number one is to pay the renewal fee. That is the simplest and easiest if you enjoy paying way too much for you car insurance.

The second choice was to call or drive around to the different agents to get a quote. If you called you ended up paying phone tag with the person you needed to talk to. If you drove around you took your chance that the person you needed to see would be there instead of out doing what he wanted to do. A third choice started a few years ago and that was to go online to get a quote in a few minutes. This was fast and simple.Quick quotes from online insurance sites will never give you that low, low rate that you wanted and that was the reason for the quote request in the first place. Low rates.

Bottom line, you had no choice other than going from agent to agent to get a low rate. Local agents are the only ones authorized to cut rates and give a lower quote. Computers can only quote what’s in their data base and believe me the low quote you want is not in that data base.

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The reason it’s not in their data base is that the insurance companies need their local agents and it would be suicide for them to give you a lower quote online than their local agents can.

Quite simply the only way to get a lower car insurance rate is by using the local agents and then only if they know they’re competing against other local agents.

When Agents compete You win. That is true in any business but especially in the car insurance business. Those local agents need your business if they’re to grow and if those agents have a family then they need to grow to become successful. So they are willing to compete. One more time, when agents compete You win.

What’s better than running around getting quotes or worse dialing for quotes? The quickest and best way is going online and fill out one quote request and then having that request rushed to seven or eight of the best, sharpest and most competitive local agents in your area.

If you want that low, low car insurance rate then you need to get the agents to compete. When a local agent receives a quote request from the system he knows that seven or eight other sharp local agents also received the quote request.

He knows that to get your business he needs to be as competitive as he can be, even if it means giving you the quote at his cost or below. He might lose money on your policy but he will make it back and then some when he receives his monthly bonus pool money from the main company.

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You both win and that’s what makes it such a great system. You get that low, low car insurance rate and the agent gets another policy added to the monthly pool which means more money for his agency.

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