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This Is The Trick Thieves Can Use To Steal Your Seemingly Locked Car

Is your locked car safe from thieves? I always thought the answer was yes, but insurance companies are warning holiday shoppers that a new method of breaking into locked cars is on the rise.

December is a busy time of year for thieves. Folks are more distracted than usual and often transporting shopping bags or packages. By ensuring that your car won’t lock properly before you even exit the vehicle, they’ve found a way to steal your belongings and, in some cases, the car itself.

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In this security footage from a shopping center in South Africa, a man lingers by a woman’s car as she parks, then slyly opens the back door as the driver steps out. The woman clicks the lock button on her key fob as she walks away, but it’s already too late. Seconds later, the thief easily accesses her vehicle.

Elmarie Twilley, a spokesperson for the insurance company Virseker, told the Daily Mail, “Criminals make a point of always being one step ahead of you. This tactic not only allows them easy access to to laptops, sunglasses, jewelry, shopping bags full of goodies and more, but, as a vehicle’s alarm often won’t engage when all doors aren’t properly closed, they can do so undisturbed.”

To avoid being robbed this holiday season, take a moment to make sure that each door is properly closed before locking your vehicle. Also, remember to be aware of your surroundings and report any suspicious activity to police or mall security.

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